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Product development

Finnveden Metal Structures’ components are generally not visible. They often lead quite low-profile existences in the products they help to build. Having said that, they are always tremendously important to the car, truck, lawnmower, generator or any of the hundreds of other products they are used in – and on occasion they are even crucial to the overall safety. 


With that in mind, it is only natural that the demands on our components vary, to say the least. Our technical designers and developers have long experience and knowledge of how our components behave in practical applications. In developing new or existing products, the choice of materials and logistical optimisation are always vital, from transport to packing and wrapping. Some products are so heavy, awkwardly shaped or fragile that they ought to be produced or finally assembled as close to the end customer as possible.


All kinds of parameters have to be taken into account. We therefore always take care to maintain a close collaboration with the customer, and to follow systematic working processes so as to always quality assure our orders.


We also carry out technical design and production of prototypes in co-operation with the customer, as well as some technical design and production of pressing tools and welding fixtures.


The tools and aids we use are:


  • CatiaV5
  • SolidWorks


  • Magmasoft
  • AutoForm
  • FastBlank
  • LogoPress Strip